Gail, Ottawa

Hello ..... from atop Mount sterling in Vermont!

If you are reading  this you have likley already  met Dr Simon and have talked  about stem cell therapy , prp or some other type of treatment and  now are weighing options and gathering info. Hearing my experience may help .

A few yrs ago at 63 yrs of age I had been running, curling ,skiing kicking soccer balls , golfing and biking for more than a few decades ... my  knees were wrecked . Thankfully my family dr referred me to Dr Simon .  My  experience has been very positive.  From the  initial assessment thru  arthroscopic surgery, stem cell  therapy with prp and follow up assessments and I never felt rushed , unheard or pressured. I especially valued the fact that he took time to explain all options and realistic outcomes. 

I had stem cell with prp  both knees in Oct 2015 and admittedly  the first few weeks were rough but over 9 months I slowly and steadily  improved in strength and mobility . Today I bike, curl , ski, golf and kayak, comfortably and often ! 

A few yrs ago I  thought I had taken my last run down a mountain..... I'm back!!!

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