Chris Taggart, 57, Ottawa

I had been suffering from a sore right knee and had to give up many activities including hockey . I had a scope done on the knee in 2015 and saw some minor improvements but was told I had arthritis and nothing could be done to regenerate cartilage. In December of 2015 a friend told me about Dr Simon's stem cell therapy and I had the procedure done in May 2016 . About 3 months after the procedure I noticed significant improvement in my knee. Last week I was in a hockey tournament and played 5 games in 2 days and did not experience any pain in my knee . Skiing used to require an ice pack to reduce the swelling after a few hours on the slopes. I am happy to say I haven’t required the use of an ice pack the last 2 ski seasons. Thankful for the procedure that allows me to be active without pain again !!

Exia Biomedical