Gail, Ottawa

Hello ..... from atop Mount sterling in Vermont!

If you are reading  this you have likley already  met Dr Simon and have talked  about stem cell therapy , prp or some other type of treatment and  now are weighing options and gathering info. Hearing my experience may help .

A few yrs ago at 63 yrs of age I had been running, curling ,skiing kicking soccer balls , golfing and biking for more than a few decades ... my  knees were wrecked . Thankfully my family dr referred me to Dr Simon .  My  experience has been very positive.  From the  initial assessment thru  arthroscopic surgery, stem cell  therapy with prp and follow up assessments and I never felt rushed , unheard or pressured. I especially valued the fact that he took time to explain all options and realistic outcomes. 

I had stem cell with prp  both knees in Oct 2015 and admittedly  the first few weeks were rough but over 9 months I slowly and steadily  improved in strength and mobility . Today I bike, curl , ski, golf and kayak, comfortably and often ! 

A few yrs ago I  thought I had taken my last run down a mountain..... I'm back!!!

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Andy Stewart, 42, Owner Crossfit 1855

Dr. Simon is an incredible Doctor. He merges cutting edge science, with a keen eye for assessment and understanding of the athletes he treats - with has proven track record of success. He brings a tailored vision for health beyond healing injuries towards maximizing performance with the kind of bedside manner rarely seen in today's health care system.

Dr. Simon has helped me recover from wrist injuries, treating the injuries, eliminating pain and getting my range of motion and strength back with clear instructions and guidance. I consider Dr. Simon to be the best and recommend him to athletes looking to come back from injuries better than ever.

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Scott Eavenson, Gatineau, Quebec

I am a 66-year-old triathlete, but about three years ago I thought that a torn meniscus had put an end to my running.  Fortunately, I made contact with Dr. Simon, who performed arthroscopic surgery on my knee and followed it up with stem-cell and platelet-rich-plasma therapies.  Seven weeks after receiving the stem cells and platelets, I was able to run without pain, and now, more than two years later, I continue to run without any pain in my knee.

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Chris Taggart, 57, Ottawa

I had been suffering from a sore right knee and had to give up many activities including hockey . I had a scope done on the knee in 2015 and saw some minor improvements but was told I had arthritis and nothing could be done to regenerate cartilage. In December of 2015 a friend told me about Dr Simon's stem cell therapy and I had the procedure done in May 2016 . About 3 months after the procedure I noticed significant improvement in my knee. Last week I was in a hockey tournament and played 5 games in 2 days and did not experience any pain in my knee . Skiing used to require an ice pack to reduce the swelling after a few hours on the slopes. I am happy to say I haven’t required the use of an ice pack the last 2 ski seasons. Thankful for the procedure that allows me to be active without pain again !!

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Pierre Cleroux, Ottawa

I have been a patient of Dr. Dave Simon for 3 years and he has been an integral component of my athletic performance.  I'm 54 years old and practice crossfit 5-6 days per week and close to 2 hours per session.  Dr. Simon also practices crossfit so he can completely relate to my issues and provides much needed advice.  He has treated knee, shoulder and wrist and I'm actually in the best shape of my life.  His continuous concern and attention provides the optimal assistance for anyone, athlete or not.

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Natalie Allport, Ottawa

After months of dealing with a foot injury that no other professional could diagnose, I was lucky to be referred to Dave Simon. Despite being out of country, he looked at my images and immediately had his team start working on a rehabilitation strategy. At the time I was a National Team Snowboard athlete, and the foot injury held me back for an entire season. While there was uncertainty on if I would ever be able to jump again, Dave confidently took charge and made me feel as though there was no question I would be able to return to competition. Dave has been my go to since then, and he truly goes above and beyond for his patients - whether it be diagnosing a unique injury, or finding innovative rehabilitation methods.

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Nigel Shaw, Ottawa

When our daughter accidentally cut herself to the bone we were very fortunate to be able to see Dr. Simon right away. With exceptional care and service above and beyond normal call of duty, we felt 100% confident in Dave from the minute he took charge. It is without any hesitation that we give our highest recommendation. In short, we would trust Dave to the utmost for any sports medicine or orthopaedic procedure.

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