Sport event coverage 

Local to international

Dr. Simon provides essential medical coverage for sporting and public events where there is a need for injury and medical care. He has provided host venues with primary emergency care to injured athletes and the public, orthopaedic injury care and rehabilitation and the implementation of measures to prevent injuries and medical problems from arising. 

In addition to acute medical care, Dr. Simon is well versed in issues such as medical team management, disaster response, illness prevention abroad, strategies to combat jet lag and travel fatigue, sports science & physiology, athlete nutrition and anti-doping responsibilities.

Men’s national soccer team

Men’s national soccer team

Beijing olympics

Beijing olympics

IIHF World Jr. hockey championships 2009

IIHF World Jr. hockey championships

Aspire Academy for Sport Excellence Doha, Qatar

Aspire Academy for Sport Excellence
Doha, Qatar

Sport event coverage services provided by Dr. Simon

Some of the services he has provided to athletes and teams and host organizations include:

  • Advanced emergency care
  • On-field orthopaedic assessment & care
  • Clinical rehabilitation
  • Sport-specific strength and conditioning
  • Comprehensive medical support for teams while abroad

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