Injection therapy is an ideal treatment for many conditions

Our Medical Injection Therapy can treat a wide variety of conditions, and this exciting approach is based on using your body’s own healing potential to help itself. The injectable compound used for all of our injections are derived from your own body! We simply remove what we need from your body, concentrate and improve what we removed, and re-inject into the problem area! Our injection physicians are highly trained medicine and in safe, effective injection therapy.

Injection Therapy treats: 1. Achilles tendon/other tendon tears 2. Ankle arthritis 3. Chronic ligament sprains/tears

Injection Therapy treats: 1. Pectoralis muscle and musculotendinous tears 2. Chronic breastbone/rib joint pain (costochondritis) 3. Sternocostal joint pain/arthritis

Injection Therapy treats: 1. Tennis elbow 2. Golfers’ elbow 3. Tendon pain/tears/surgery alternative 4. Stiff elbow joint/arthritis

Injection Therapy treats: 1. Plantar fasciopathy 2. Foot arthritis 3. Toe arthritis/surgery alternative 4. Bunion pain/surgery alternative

Injection Therapy treats: 1. Thumb/finger/hand arthritis 2. Trigger finger/thumb 3. De Quervain’s tenosynovitis

Injection Therapy treats: 1. Arthritis/hip joint replacement alternative 2. Labral tears/surgery alternative

Injection Therapy treats: 1. Quadricep tendon pain/tears 2. Patellar tendon pain/tears 3. Arthritis/knee joint replacement alternative 4. Meniscal/cartilage tears/surgery alternative

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