Acute injury and fracture care

Patients with suspected fractures require urgent and sometimes emergent evaluation to determine if serious complicating conditions exist. Such conditions, including any neurovascular injury, often require immediate surgical consultation. Nevertheless, many fractures are uncomplicated and can be managed effectively in a non-surgical setting.

Acute injury and fracture care Knee, ankle, wrist, elbow and peripheral nerves. 

Acute injury and fracture care
Knee, ankle, wrist, elbow and peripheral nerves. 

Carleton Place and District Memorial Hospital

Carleton Place and District Memorial Hospital

Procedures performed by Dr. Simon

Dr. Simon's acute injury and fracture care practice includes knee, ankle, wrist, elbow and peripheral nerves. 

Treatment methods are surgery, casting, splinting and supplemental therapies.

Wherever possible, Dr. Simon focuses his efforts on promoting healing via the supplemental therapies listed below. 

Location of procedures

Dr. Simon's weekly acute injury and fracture care practice includes all body parts and takes place at the Carleton Place Hospital, in concert with an experienced casting technician and nursing support.

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    Supplemental therapies

    Bone stimulation

    The Melmak Bone Growth Stimulator is a portable ultrasound machine that stimulates the bones natural healing process. LIPUS is a non-invasive ultrasound technology that is worn directly against the skin, which sends ultrasound pulses through the tissue to stimulate the bone to heal. This process activates cell reproduction at the fracture site.

    The low intensity pulsed ultrasound signal delivers an acoustic pressure wave to the fracture site. This represents a mechanical force, which aims to improve circulation and help with forming new bone. By using the bone growth stimulator you may heal faster and return to your normal daily activities sooner.

    Link: Stimulative health


    Orthobiologics is a rapidly advancing field that uses cell-based therapies and biomaterials to promote healing. By empowering the body to repair and regenerate itself, orthobiologic treatments offer exciting alternatives to traditional orthopedic options. Compared to the implantation of foreign hardware made of plastic and metal, orthobiologic procedures are often less invasive and more effective at restoring patients to their normal, active lives. In recent decades, breakthrough orthobiologic therapies have helped to improve the long-term health of patients suffering from disabling musculoskeletal disorders and injuries.

    Link: Regenerative therapy

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